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Updated: Dec 2, 2020

A tarot spread is the way a tarot reader lays out the cards. As readers, we all have favourite spreads that we use, but there's always room for more as the need for certain types of spreads inevitably evolves out of different types of questions or issues.

The most well-used (famous) spread is probably the Celtic Cross. I use this if a client firstly wants a general reading to start off and I never ask them any questions before laying out this spread. It's my opener, if you like! After that I have some "focused" spreads that I like to use, which are laid out in a different way.

I have one that I tend to use when a client wants an answer about a choice where there is more than one option (as many as I can fit on the table!). Another I use for more straight forward questions..and so on. You can appreciate, therefore, I'm sure that readers are always going to be interested in new spreads. I tend to use what feels right and I change them to suit me. Sometimes I expand a spread (that is, I add more cards) if I feel that I need a bit more clarity - it's really up to you.'s a helpful book. "Tarot Spreads" by Barbara Moore is indeed a book of spreads, and more. It includes discussions about how and why spreads “work” as well as ways to modify or create your spreads. Different spreads are a really great way for a reader to become more flexible - so experimentation is key!

If you've read this book or dipped into it, I'd be really interested to hear what you thought about it.

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