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INDIVIDUAL READINGS (whether in person, via video link or on the telephone): I will tell you if your reading is likely to over-run (some people have a lot of questions!) and give you the choice of whether or not you want to pay extra and carry on.  If you decide to have extra time, your reading will then be charged at the next price band rate.  If you choose to let your reading go over the hour, then it will be charged at an extra £5 for every 15 minutes over the hour.

1 HOUR: £30.00       

45 MINS: £25.00       

30 MINS: £20.00         

20 MINS: £15.00

If you're having a video or telephone reading, you'll need to arrange payment prior to the reading (cash, cheque or online bank transfer).

MONTHLY TRAINING WORKSHOPS - £10.00 per person per session.

ONE TO ONE TUITION - as this is likely to be an ongoing arrangement, you'll need to think about what is affordable for you and also the frequency with which you want to work.   Homework will be given, so this will enable you to learn between sessions:

1 HOUR'S TUITION: £25.00             ¾ HOUR'S TUITION £20.00

Some people come for individual lessons every week, some every fortnight, some even come once a month and then join the group workshops.   Having a gap in between lessons is fine because it then enables you to practise what you've learned.

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