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I n d i v i d u a l  T a r o t  R e a d i n g s,  T a r o t  T u i t i o n


If you're interested in an individual reading, I give readings in person, as well as via online video link or phone.


I give readings in person from Cranleigh, in Surrey, remote video readings (on Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or Facetime wherever you are!), or phone readings (all from Mondays to Saturdays).  My location is really convenient if you live in Cranleigh and its surrounding villages and towns (eg. Guildford, Godalming, Dorking, Horsham etc) but as readings are something that most people have about once every six months to a year, you may not mind travelling a bit further anyway!  You can arrange to see me for a reading at a mutually convenient time during most weeks of the year.  

Before you have your reading, it's probably a good idea to think about any issues that you want covered or any specific questions that you want guidance on (usually people are well aware of what these are, so it may be helpful to write them down to remind yourself).  This blog post at https://tarotparlor.com/blog/prepare-tarot-reading/  is full of useful advice to help you.

Most people who come to me for tarot readings, like to have a general reading first.  I don't ask you what area of your life you're concerned about for this, as this can be perceived as looking for clues by some!  However, when it comes to asking questions in subsequent focused spreads (question and answer spreads), then obviously I need to know what the question is!  You're very welcome to record your reading or take notes, so that you can refer back to it/them  at your leisure.

I'm happy to say that my clients find their readings very therapeutic and enlightening.  Some people go away saying that they feel uplifted, inspired or relieved, others that their readings have clarified what they already knew but made sense of it for them.  Of course it's not me that's really providing this for them; the cards are laid out after they've chosen them for me to read.


If you're interested in learning how to read the tarot, you can choose whether you want to join my monthly tarot workshops, have one to one tarot lessons or indeed - a bit of both!  My students really enjoy their sessions and the beauty of the Mythic Tarot is that it makes it much easier to learn the tarot because of the stories from Greek Mythology running through them - and yes, you can still work with your own favourite deck as well (the Mythic Tarot will just speed up your learning).  The workshops generally take place the last week of the month.  For individual tuition, just get in touch via email, Facebook Messenger or telephone.