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Updated: Apr 14, 2023

I found the following article on . It's an interesting piece telling you how you can identify more specific timings. I'm impressed with the way in which the timings are supposedly worked out and I myself use some of the same principles. What I don't do, however, is give very specific timings. For example, if somebody asked me when they'd meet their new boyfriend and I said "it will be within the next three weeks". I think that's a bit of a worrying thing to be saying.

The tarot (as I've said many times) is predominantly an oracle for answering questions but, you're reading for people - and people have free choice as the post below also states (unless they live somewhere like North Korea!) so they're going to leave you after the reading and make myriad choices about all sorts of things, some of which can affect the outcome of what you've been talking about with them. Personally, I only ever say that the tarot can read for about six months into the future and leave it at that.

I also worry that if you give a specific timing to somebody, they'll be waiting for that event to happen or for their boyfriend to return etc. If it doesn't happen, it will be really upsetting for them - and affect your reputation as a reader into the bargain. I personally don't like to mess with things like this, in particular if you're reading for somebody who is quite vulnerable, it seems a bit cruel somehow.

Anyway, here's the post (let me know what you think!):

"One of the most common types of question in Tarot readings is “When?” When will I find true love? When will I find a job? When will I have children? People want to know when something will happen and they look to Tarot readers to accurately predict the timing of these important events. However, for the Tarot reader, timing an event using the Tarot cards can be incredibly daunting and challenging! In the following post, I’ll show you a few Tarot timing techniques to help you to pinpoint when an event will occur, using the Tarot cards.

One of the easier methods for determining the time in Tarot is to look at the divinatory meanings of the cards and use them to create a ‘story’. The story focuses not only on the ‘when’ but also on the ‘how’ by understanding both when something will happen and what may need to occur before that particular event will happen. For example, your client asks, “When will I meet my future husband?” and you draw the Five of Cups. Your response may be, “When you first get over a past relationship that has lead to disappointment.” Or, your client asks, “When will I get a promotion?” and you draw the Three of Pentacles. Your response may be, “When you demonstrate your ability to work effectively in a team.”

Reversed Tarot cards can also be very telling in timing questions and often indicate that an event is unlikely to occur until the client has made some important changes in their lives.

Personally, this is my preferred approach when reading the Tarot cards because it empowers the client to make positive change in their life and to achieve the outcome they desire. It assumes that each person has free will, rather than a predetermined destiny, and that their actions will dictate their future. Additionally, it assumes that the event may or may not occur, depending on what the client chooses to do, and places the ball back in the court of the client. Be careful that you do not fall into the trap of assuming the event will occur as the question dictates (e.g. asking “When will I have kids?” assumes that the client will have kids some time in the future).

Using The Suits And Elements Using the suits and respective elements of the Tarot cards can help you pinpoint a more specific time in your Tarot readings. For example:

Wands – Days or Spring Swords – Weeks or Autumn Cups – Months or Summer Pentacles – Years or Winter

For the Pip Cards (i.e. those numbered Ace to Ten), simply combine the suit and the number of the card. For example, the Five of Wands indicates five days or, more broadly, Spring. For the Court Cards, the timing of the event may depend on another person, however you can still gauge an approximate indication of time using the suits.

Now, take a look around on the internet or in Tarot books and you’ll find different all sorts of different associations. For example, some readers associate Swords with months instead of weeks. As with many Tarot techniques, go with your gut instinct and what feels right for you."

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