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Updated: Dec 10, 2020

When some people come to me for tarot readings, their minds are often quite jumbled from the stress that has brought them to me in the first place - hardly surprising really! Most people (as I'm sure I've mentioned before) like to start with a general reading, and when people are upset or confused or whatever, this a good way to start a reading as it tends to highlight the issues in a constructive way - it gives them some perspective.

It is when we get to what we call "focused spreads" (that is, question and answer spreads) that I have to give a bit of guidance often. When I ask people what question(s) they want to ask, they either don't know or several questions come out at once!

It's important to sort this out as how you ask a question, that is, ensuring it's clear and to the point, will determine what you get back from the tarot. I try to help a bit, therefore, and say things like: "How would you feel if we worded it like this?" and then: "Are you happy with that question?". It tends to mean that we get clearer answers - although that's not always the case. Sometimes, it takes a few questions where we're teasing the issue apart and one question naturally leads on to the next, finally arriving at a clear answer.

Basically, the tarot, although wonderful at providing guidance and support, does need some clarity from us in terms of how we present our questions to it and to the Universe.

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