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Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Over the years, I’ve read for a lot of people, but I’ve also had quite a lot of readings done for me (I don’t much enjoy reading for myself as I have a tendency to skip over the reading!) - and it's been illuminating being read for, when I’m a reader myself. I have never told those reading for me that I read the tarot myself as I haven't wanted them to feel intimidated and I've also wanted to ensure I get the attention and value for money I want (we all do!).

Whilst I am very understanding about how difficult it can be to read for somebody you don’t know (and we all do get off days), some readers really lack the interpersonal skills necessary to connect with clients; some can even sound unfriendly! I don’t think that this is intentional actually; the longer I do this, I really believe that it’s an innate thing to be able to put somebody at their ease and connect with them (not psychically) just as another human being – and this skill is, I think, as important as the reading itself. Having said that, if it is something that some readers struggle with, then they really need to do something about it.

Over the years, I’ve tried really hard to critically review myself as a reader on a regular basis. As a result of this, I’m always thinking about how I can improve the experience I give to my clients. What I know I am good at, however, is how I relate to people, as I’ve always found it easy to be friendly, warm and encouraging, and as a lot of people come in to a tarot reading looking for reassurance about something they already really know, or are looking for comfort and support when they’re feeling isolated, upset or afraid, then this is important.

People mostly come with the same types of issues: relationships, money, work etc but I always remind myself that the people I’m reading for have a problem or problems, so being sympathetic and non-judgemental is very important. When people leave saying that they feel uplifted, or so much better, then I think I’ve done a good job.

When I was training in the late eighties/early nineties as a psychotherapist, we spent many hours doing role plays learning how to speak to patients, how to put them at their ease so we need to ensure we make eye contact, that the way we convey information is clear and concise and supportive.

So, whether or not we’re fantastic readers, we all need to ensure that we work on our interpersonal skills so that the person we’re reading for feels that we empathise with them for the period of time they're with us as sometimes, the only person that the client will have confided in, is us.

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