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This post isn't actually advertising the teaching that I do, but rather about you! I was talking to a friend of mine the other evening (she lives on the Isle of Wight, so not local to me) and she was saying that the first deck of cards she bought she just couldn't feel anything for. It was, interestingly, the Ryder Waite deck, and I'd had exactly the same experience when I bought them as my first deck back in about 1975. The card meanings are so dramatic - all hell fire and brimstone stuff and so I just couldn't make head nor tail of them!. In the end, I think I gave them to a charity shop (apologies here to people who love them!).

My friend went on to say how she had since found a deck which she thought was beautiful and which she had felt an instant affinity for. I had felt this when I first laid eyes on the Mythic Tarot and, as I've mentioned previously, the other deck I use to read for myself - the Druidcraft Tarot.

The point I'm trying to make is that it's important that you feel this connection with the tarot deck you choose. It's hard enough trying to learn the meanings of all seventy-eight cards but nigh on impossible if you can't even feel a connection to them!

If you want to learn, therefore, take your time choosing a deck. I think I've mentioned before and this site is just wonderful because you can have a really close-up look at so many decks of cards. Check as well how good the descriptions are (the divinatory meanings etc). If there are detailed meanings rather than just a couple of lines, you'll have an easier time of learning because there is a fuller explanation. Remember though, it is not something you can learn in a couple of weeks, or a couple of months or even a couple of years - not properly anyway. Tarot is a skill that takes time and patience and lots of practice. It is well worth it though.

Currently, I am learning silver smithing and it's the same principle. It's going to take me a considerable amount of time to be really good at it, so persevere and realise that things that are worth learning are worth the effort!

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