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Updated: Apr 14, 2023

The picture of this card in The Mythic Tarot shows the Goddess Hecate. She is depicted with three faces (reminiscent of the pagan Maiden, Mother and Crone) and in the foreground she's accompanied by the three headed dog Cerberus (guardian of the gate to the Underworld). It's a card that is dark in the sense that it's about the unconscious and its watery depths, about our connection to our intution and so on. It's also linked in the tarot deck with two other cards about our intuition and unconscious and these are The High Priestess and The Wheel of Fortune (the preceeding two cards). They're linked insofar as they represent the development of understanding, much as you would hope to experience as you get older and wiser!

Just looking at this card makes you aware that you've entered another realm entirely, much like you experience if you've ever been hypnotised or in a deep state of meditation. The card, therefore, is very much a card that denotes confusion and uncertainty, but I always think that if I'm confused about anything then this is a necessary process that my brain is going through. It's similar to when you can't remember something and the more you try the harder it is; the best thing to do is relax and let go - and often whatever it was that you couldn't remember drops back into your consciousness. I feel that confusion is the same; I also feel that if we're confused, we are for a reason. We need to wait, therefore, and allow the process to work at its own pace - to be patient!

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