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Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Some people think that the tarot is evil without even knowing how it works and yet some of these same people will think nothing of reading their horoscope in the newspaper or of having some healing.

A number of years ago, I was asked (I hadn't volunteered!) to run some tarot workshops at a very well known local healing centre, by a person there trying to set up some alternative workshops. The tarot workshops were blocked by some members of the Board who said that tarot was evil etc. and yet the same Board members were happy to run shamanic workshops (which aren't evil either but are definitely pagan, as am I). This clearly demonstrated a rather surprising lack of knowledge and understanding, which was sad really.

I think we all try to be open-minded, especially these days, when it is happily easy for people to explore their spirituality any way they wish, but there are some things in our society that we're effectively more open-minded about than other things! To be clear, tarot taps into universal energy, using the cards as a channel. It is non-religious, just like astrology and a fantastic mechanism for finding out more about yourself.

A couple of years ago, I posted about the new tarot workshops I was starting, on my local Facebook community board. One woman posted to the Admin that she was sure he would be happy to remove the post because there were four churches in the area. The Admin refused to do this as a/ my post didn't breach the group rules and b/ people are free to believe what they like (which he pointed out). Happily, I got lots of free advertising as the woman's post caused a big reaction from people who were horrified at her views. It was sad for me though as I took no pleasure from the lack of knowledge and understanding displayed.

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