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Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Here's an interesting article. I'm not sure that I completely agree about there being no need to learn the meanings of the cards as they actually represent a journey from innocence to experience (within the Major Arcana) and also reflect the different elements of our lives in the Minor Arcana (the four suits).

I tend to believe in the strength of discipline and practice and the effect this has on us (just like if we're learning a skill like yoga or classical singing, judo or carpentry), but I do take on board some of what is being said here, as the cards are also of course a channel for the reader and sometimes I say things that clearly aren't in the cards but I feel them strongly enough to voice.

It does worry me though that there's an increasing number of people who never learn the cards. It's a bit like saying that if you're doing Chemistry GCSE, you don't need to follow the syllabus or if you're learning to drive, you don't need to be taught how to do it properly. I think that part of the beauty of the Tarot is finding that discipline within yourself (as I've said above) and realising that it's a journey that's going to take literally years to be fluent at (like most things that are worth doing).

Having said all that, it's one of the reasons that I love the Mythic Tarot so much and why the people who train with me find it easier to learn. It's because the Mythic Tarot follows stories from Greek mythology. As such, if you know the stories (famous tales like Jason and the Argonauts), it makes it so much easier to learn the meanings of the cards. Just saying!

You can make your own mind up your comments below.

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