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Updated: Apr 14, 2023

People who come for readings have varying expectations but all are there for help and guidance from me (via the universe, via the cards). I find myself taken aback every time I do a reading and the person I'm reading for suddenly goes "yes, that makes a lot of sense" or "you're spot on!" or just starts crying. I find myself asking how on earth it can work and obviously everybody is entitled to their opinion on that (do post your feelings about this below!).

As for me, I believe that we are vibrational beings - and that when we're in alignment with the universe it reflects back to us what we believe (it also creates what we believe in, so we need to be careful about the quality of our inner dialogue - but that's a whole other area of learning).

I never ask the people that I read for for clues when I start a general reading (by that I mean that I don't ask them which part of their life they want help with as that's really asking for clues). Instead, I trust that they're going to pick out the right cards for them providing they've been able to concentrate on the things they want answers to - and somehow it works like magic, because of course that is what, in my view, it's all about.

I've been working hard over the past couple of years on raising my own vibration (a lifelong task!) and find now that I can tell when I'm in alignment (and when I'm not!) with what I'm trying to achieve and in my experience it's no different with the tarot cards. They help people who may or may not be great at aligning their own vibration and for a short time, whilst they're with me (or another reader), they're able to "tune in", via me (much like a radio frequency). The longer I read, the more respect I have for the lessons we can learn from the tarot - it's a beautiful reminds me a lot of the Alithiometer from the Phillip Pullman trilogy "His Dark Materials"!

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