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Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Well, I didn't blog during August so I hope nobody minded! It was really nice to just have a bit of a break at this time, as summer wound its way into Autumn. I have to say that I really love September and it didn't disappoint this year as the weather has largely been lovely.

Now that we're a week away from October, you can really feel the change: colder, darker evenings and with that, the sense of looking inwards once more. It's been a difficult time for many of us, myself included but I wanted to talk today about the importance of being in control of our emotions and thoughts.

I want to share some thoughts on positive thinking with you (and no, none of us are 100% at this), but did you know that there is now clear evidence that thinking positively develops new neural pathways in our brains, whereas "practising" negative thoughts, reinforces the deep furrows in our brains that makes negativity our "go to" emotion? Yes, it indeed takes a lot of practice to make positivity your "go to" way of thinking instead, but isn't that worth the effort? You can do it - and I'm living proof of that myself as I've gradually turned my mental landscape back to how it was as a child - it took a good while, but I wouldn't want to go back to always focusing on the negative side of things.

I suppose it comes down to how clear a channel we want to be. Inevitably, it's when people have problems that they want a reading and this can be very comforting and reassuring, but we can also help ourselves by literally practising how to think in a positive way rather than a negative way. There are loads of videos on Youtube to start learning to be more positive (and I'm not trying to put myself out of business here!) but if it helps people, then it's worth mentioning.

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