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Updated: Dec 10, 2020

(29th October 2020)

Yes, of course we are! We all this automatically whenever we meet somebody new and we have to remember that often the people who come to us for readings, do so because they've got something on their mind that they need help with. This can make people feel more tense, more agitated - or they may be coming for their first reading and so feel either excited or nervous (or a combination of both)!

As a previous psychotherapist, I learned how to read body language as part of my training, how to speak to clients to put them at their ease. It's an important part of my role as a tarot reader to help people feel more relaxed, and obviously how I behave will also have a crucial bearing on this - so I aim to be warm, welcoming and friendly (something that not every reader in my experience, is great at - speaking as somebody who's had readings myself of course!).

I think that sometimes people who are coming for the first time think that I'm looking for "clues" - well, yes I am, but not about what's going on in their lives - clues about them at that moment so that I can more effectively help them.

I should add that the picture above isn't me!

This link gives some of the basic body language signals which I've certainly seen when giving readings to people. If you're interested, there are lots of sites online with more in-depth information:

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