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C o d e  o f  E t h i c s

¥  I never say anything that could be damaging to clients' emotional/mental health, neither can I comment on when somebody might die.

¥  I provide readings in a responsible and professional manner, at all times maintaining an understanding of what is and what is not within my knowledge, competence and experience.  

¥  I take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of clients and those accompanying them.

¥  I maintain strict confidentiality during and after readings and ensure that clients are reassured about this.

¥  I maintain strict confidentiality relating to clients' contact details, that is, phone numbers and email addresses - which will never be shared with any individual or organisations.

¥  I'm happy for clients to record the session/take notes as required.

¥  I never use my position of trust and confidence to exploit clients.

¥  I ensure that rooms and other facilities used for readings are suitable for the purpose.

¥  I never do anything during or after a reading that might bring psychic and/or tarot readers into disrepute. 

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